Oct. 26–27, 2018 | Sharonville Convention Center

Keynote Speakers

Judy Jablon
Judy Jablon—founder and executive director of Leading for Children and author of many publications and videos including Powerful Interactions and Coaching with Powerful Interactions—has spent more than 35 years in early childhood education, beginning with her work as a classroom teacher at the School for Children at the Bank Street College of Education and adjunct instructor in the graduate school. The focus of Judy's work has been to guide educators to use their collective wisdom to support and extend learning in young children.

Judy has worked on a wide range of exciting projects including co-authorship of Bank Street’s curriculum guide, Explorations and The Work Sampling System, a national early childhood performance assessment. Through her writing, videos and professional development experiences, Judy encourages educators across the country to draw on their own wisdom to have more meaningful interactions and opportunities for learning.

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Valora Washington
Dr. Valora Washington has served as CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition since 2011. The council is home to the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing Program and related professional early childhood education improvement opportunities.

She is passionate about the people who work with and for young children and is committed to action research and policy change. Leading the Council is deeply connected to the work she cares most about: advancing and professionalizing the field of early childhood education.

Throughout her career Dr. Washington has co-created several institutions, such as the statewide advocacy group Michigan’s Children, the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative and The CAYL Institute. She is also an author of more than 50 publications, including “The New Early Childhood Professional: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Goliath.”

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