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December 2017
This Month's Hot Topic 
Maintain Peace and Joy Through the Holidays
There is much joy that adults and children alike can experience during the holiday season. But don't let the stress of the hustle and bustle and the upending of routines threaten your family's peace! You can manage holiday activities and help your children experience peace and joy rather than anxiety, which will make the holidays wonderful for the entire family.

Parenting Supports 
Play & Learn Activities: December
Help children learn through play by using one of the following age-specific monthly calendars that feature daily activities. Download the December 2017 calendar:
Child Development Concerns?
If you feel your child is struggling to reach developmental milestones (infant, toddler, preschool, school-age), we can connect you to resources that support your child's growth and development, or refer you to specific services. More information can be found online, by emailing our parent specialists or by calling 800-256-1296 x1330.

Family Resources 
Holiday Family Fun!
Check out these resources for family-friendly holiday fun around Southwest Ohio, Miami Valley and Northern Kentucky: You Need a Night Out!
Treat yourself to a fun evening at the 4C Champions for Children Gala Presented by PNC. Join us on Feb. 17, 2018 at 6 p.m. at the JACK Cincinnati Casino. This year's gala features a dinner program honoring Champions for Children Father Michael Graham and Diane Jordan-Grizzard. Your support of the Gala fuels our work with parents and child care providers to help get kids kindergarten ready and off to the best start in life.


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Helping your child learn everyday!
Discover free online resources 
There are many online resources available to help you enhance your child's learning experiences. For example, 4C's website features Learning Every Day activities like the one below, and United Way features Born Learning tools on its website. Both can help you learn more about developmental milestones and so much more!

What if every child in our community had access to the very best care and education----right from the beginning? 4C for Children is leading the way toward that future for our community. For more than 40 years, the nonprofit agency has been giving the youngest kids a strong start in life----by supporting everyone who cares for them. For parents and caregivers----whether working or stay-at-home----4C helps navigate child care options and parenting supports. 4C believes that when a child gets a solid foundation in those crucial early years, they'll be successful throughout their life. Find quality child care, child development resources and more at
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