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June 2016
This Month's Hot Topic 
Technology and family connections
Television, smart phones, gaming systems, computers and tablets----there is always an electronic device competing with parents for their child's attention. And, parents also feel the need to "stay on top of things" as they try to balance the many responsibilities in their lives. Sometimes it's a struggle to unplug and connect as a family.


Parenting Supports 
Play & Learn Groups
Are you caring for children of family, friends or neighbors----or are you a stay-at-home parent? If so, the FREE 4C Play & Learn groups may be just for you. Join a group today and make a difference for your child tomorrow!

Looking for child care?  
Finding child care can be an overwhelming task. That's why 4C is here to make the search easier. Call us, email us or use our online search to access a list of child care providers. Trained parent specialists can also work with you to identify specific needs and do a customized search, even for hard-to-find care.

Family Resources 
Summer reading programs 


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Helping your child learn everyday!
Discover free online resources 
There are many online resources available to help you enhance your child's learning experiences. For example, 4C's website features Learning Every Day activities like the one below and The United Way features Born Learning tools on its website. Both can help you learn more about developmental milestones and so much more!

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